Jetty 11.X is now released and has deprecated its support for javax namespace required for the development of API. Instead, it has started supporting jakarta namespace which is part of Jakarta EE 9 and this changes the game entirely. When you need to annotate your API, we import* packages which are now on will be import*.

Nonetheless, swagger (OpenAPI) documentation that used to seamlessly integrate with core java APIs now has an additional dependency whether is a maven or Gradle based project. Let's get started on the detailed process of how the new integration is done.

What is Jetty?

The Ecplise…

One very quick article if you’re struggling to connect to the remote server machine using .pem file stored on you mac.

The .pem file are quite successful when it comes to connecting to the server machine using SSH in the world of cloud. Those who work with AWS quite often are very well versed with it, I suppose.

However on macOS, I came across a very weird issue. I have two users eng_qa and support_qa which are created on the server machines running on CentOS 6.10. From any linux based machine, I was able to access connect or ssh to…

If you are trying to design the analytics platform or a streaming data pipeline, then considering todays technological move, it is highly probable that you have decide to start with Apache Spark. Because Spark is empowered to support multi-lingual development including Scala as its native language, Java and Python. It also includes a powerful machine learning library that can be incorporated into your platform if you have future plans to turn your platform into real time machine learning platform.

A typical spark application requires a spark-session, dataframe, RDDs, datasets, sql queries and then storing the query results into some data…

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